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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> we continue to follow breaking news this morning. an out of control car crashes into the schuylkill river. we're live at the scene where divers pulled a body out of the water. >> our calendars say april. but it feels much more like february. we are talking about cold temperatures, and the chance for snow. justin is here with the latest on what you can expect where you live. today is saturday april it, thanks for spending part of your weekends with us, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. justin, i guess, my question is when will it feel more like
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april? >> got to give it few more days, entire weekends feels like winter, yes, one last shot here, i think of wintery weather. call this onion snow, term originate in the pennsylvania for late season snowfall, usually when the farmers plant the spring onions. so usually, it is also time of the last snowfall. hope that holds true. little onion snow today, learn something new every day. all right, and little bit every rain really depend on where you're cross the delaware valley. good thing about this storm is the timing. it is coming in mainly during the day. so we have that strong sun angle, in april, to help melt any snow. but there could be some minor accumulation, we will talk about it, right now above freezing though, philadelphia, 38 degrees, light winds out of the northeast, 6 miles per hour, feels like 33 when you factor in the light breeze. there is the radar, again, basically from the city on northward, best shot to see some snowflakes early this morning. a lot of this not reaching the ground just yet. but you will see mixture of light snow, rain, developing over the next few hours. winter weather advisory goes in effect 7:00 for the counties in purple, that's the northwest suburbs, all the way
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up through the poconos, these areas have the best shot to see some accumulation, and again, mainly on the grassy areas. thirty-eight at the airport, 40 in wilmington, 29 up in the lehigh vale, see when you get outside the city just to the north we do have some cold air. so period of rain, snow, throughout your morning, and the afternoon. the heaviest precipitation between 9:00 and 3:00 today. and then mainly wet roads, there could be few slick spots, especially early this morning, as temperatures still below freezing. so overall temperatures, well below average, we should be in the 60s, struggle to get to low 40's today around philadelphia. up in the three's, that's it, in the poconos, we talk about when temperatures warm up, and have a look at the opening day forecast, coming up in a few more minutes, rahel, back to you. >> justin, we'll check in with you then, thank you. more now on breaking news, a driver is dead, after his car crashes into the schuylkill river, now philadelphia police are investigate egg -- investigating how it happenedment anita oh live along kelly drive to bring us
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to up date. anita? >> reporter: rahel, police pulled the body after 26 year old asian man out of this river, just before 4:00 this morning. and you can actually still see plenty of debris from that car, which crashed through the barriers here, then flew over this wall, into the river, and we also saw wreckers pull away the 2012 volkswagon not too long ago, they pulled it out of the river, then they took it away. and this all happened around 2:30 this morning, a witness called police when she saw it happen. she says she saw the driver speeding down ferry road here, potentially trying to beat the red light. she says the driver then lost control, and police also say there are no skidmarks here, and that it seems that the car crashed into the barriers, and then flipped over into the river. and it took more tan an hour for divers to recover that body, which they say was pinned behind the wheel. there were also about 40 firefighters and police officers here trying to help with those recovery efforts. philadelphia police captain robert richie says the water here is about 6 feet deep.
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and that the cold complicated those recovery effort. >> we do have a witness to the accident, and a witness did say it appears as though the car came down the off ramp here from route one, and may have lost control, hit the wall, it became airborne, it then flipped mid-air, and went into the river. >> this area also block off for several hours, it is now open, and seeing cars drive freely down kelly drive. police also say they're not yet sure if drugs or alcohol played a role in this crash. but they will be doing a toxicology test, which is their procedure in fatal crashes lick this. live on the schuylkill river, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, all right, anita, thank you for the update. new this morning, car has crashed into a chain east restaurant in chester, delaware county. police say the car caught fire when it hit the gas line, then hit the chang jang restaurant
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at ninth and tillman. driver suffered minor injuries, there were customers inside the restaurant at the time. they were not hurt there. was however some damage to the restaurant. philadelphia police are trying to track down who ever shot two people in point breeze. it happened last night, near 22nd and tight on street. a 22 year old man is in critical condition, a 20 year old man is in stable condition. this morning, police have no suspects, no motive, and no weapon has been recovered. officials at princeton high school are upset over a photo showing a game allegedly played by student. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan, talked to the student who posted the photo on her blog. >> i was so discussed. >> seventeen year old jamaica ponds err isn't afraid to call out her piers when she knows they're wrong. >> this week posted note on on her blog at princeton high school playing nazi versus jews version of beer pong. where one side lines up cups in the shape after swastika, and the other side the starve david. her jewish friend shows her
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the photo from snap chat, after she was hushed at the party two weekends ago. >> she was horrified. and very upset. as soon as they started setting it up. refused her plea for them to stop called her friends and left. >> photo now viral. >> i'm absolutely offended and i don't think it has to do with being jewish. >> nicole's daughter senior at the school, she shocked not only what the kids did, but how people are responding. >> it is very scary, that people don't think that this is a big issue. >> the school district would only provide media statement saying in part as a dis interesting we will closely examine our efforts to address the root causes of these problems to assure princeton public schools remain first and for most a place of tolerance and caring. >> i think that they just thought it was funny. i don't think they were thinking at all honestly. >> jamaica said she is getting heat from classmates, but has no regrets, and her paranicus ends couldn't be prouder. >> i think she's courageous, and smart, and i think that i wish i had that casino of back bone when i was 17.
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>> princeton police say they are aware of the incident, but right now it is not being investigated as a hate crime. however, they are trying to find out in there are any adult who may have been supplying these minors with alcohol. in princeton, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, cash strapped atlantic city almost out of money. but, a judge rules it doesn't have to turn over the remaining funds to the school district. the christie administration filed the suit earlier this week to keep the resort town from making payroll payments, until it paid out what it owes the school system first. both sides have until april 19th to work out some sort of deal. >> water safety concerns have bubbled up at elementary school in montgomery county. earlier this week, some testing at three locations inside the school revealed elevated levels of lead. now one of the locations was accessible to teachers and student, school officials notified parents with two letters.
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>> i'm not too concerned about this because they're so open about this i have trust in the school in the district that they'll manage. >> and although the levels were not high enough to mandate any changes to water use at the school, officials are stopping water used as precaution until more test something complete. school officials say it is possible that testing may have been flawed by contaminants. >> south jersey police officer is being hailed a hero. he saved not one, not two, three lives, three different occasions, "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has more on the officers heroic actions. these men never met before but the one on the left owes a debt he says he can never repay, officer brian saved pete's mother, after police say her husband tried to kill her. >> say to our mom, grams, so
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for that, our family is forever grateful. on march 8th, he got a call from a woman who appeared to be dead on the front lawn, brutally beaten, no pulse, and wasn't breathing, started cpr, after three minute, she started breathing again, the 69 year old, who wants to keep her name private, told police that her husband tried to kill her. >> i don't -- we don't do this job to be thanked or for the recognition. i love accomplice officer, and that day made me so proud. >> just four days later stock brian saved another life, this time, after a bad car accident, on busy route 73. smoke filled one of the cars, and a man inside was unconscious. he broke the car window, and brought the man to safety, five days after that, he revived another woman, who was unconscious, and he said it is
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just part of the job. >> that day i was so proud to be a police officer. i was so proud to work tore this department. you know, it reminded me why i wanted to do this job. >> and those he directly impacted insists he's more than evesham township officer of the month. he's a hero. >> just love, i love him. >> one responsible for saving three lives, in ten days. >> howie meisha until something like that would be, just because it is a real impact, i was able to make a real impact on somebody's life. >> in evesham township, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, coming up next on "eyewitness news", using a popular cosmetic procedure to help with knee pain. why more and more athletes are turning to a common anti-aging treatment. and, it is april 9th. but some snow is headed our way today. where huge flakes brought some accumulation yesterday. and justin's back to tell us when it will warm up again,
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around here. we'll be right back.
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katie mcginty knowshool, get the routine. by. her dad was a philly cop. mom worked in a restaurant. then, hard work opened doors. now it's not quite enough. but mcginty's working to change that, helping create thousands of new jobs. she'll always stand up for manufacturing, higher wages, and equal pay for women so opportunity never gets out of reach. katie mcginty for senate. women voters responsible for the content of this advertising. >> a paint hone eggs caped a hospital, is now back in cuss today day. anthony garber charged with stabbing a woman to death in her home but found too end any little to stands trial. on wednesday, he and another patient called out a window at western state hospital, an hour south of seattle, the other patient caught the next
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day, police caught garber overnight in spokane. >> it is my hope that this time the department of corrections in the state of washington finds a way that this dangerous criminal does not escape again. >> the latest problem, where violent assault on both staff and patients have, led to federal scrutiny. >> overseas now, belgium authorities have arrested the last known fugitive in the paris attacks. also investigating whether he could be the man in the hat seen at the brussels airport, the day of the bombings. cbs news core upon accident jonathan report. >> ultimately nabbing the only remaining fugitive from the paris terror attacks, three is year old muhammad abini. >> arrested -- >> last seen in november, at a gas station with paris
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suspect, salah. just two days before the paris attacks. >> authorities say the pair rented rooms last november. >> some of the suicide bombers staging this just before the attacks in paris. >> abrini childhood friends, and believed to have spent time in syria last summer. >> now authorities are trying to determine possible role in the brussels bombing. >> verifying whether abrini can be positively identified as being the third person present during the attacks in brussels national airport. >> abrin came this hours after police released this video, showing, the man in the hat, walking away from the brussels airport. happen return to the neighborhood where the bombs were built. cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> well, hard to believe we are end willing the first full week of april and we are expecting snow today.
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take a look, this is what it look like in the toledo area. huge flakes, accumulating on the cars, on the ground, also, several accidents in white out conditions, national weather service has issued winter weather advisory for northern ohio, until 10:00 this morning. just continue, fortunately no pictures like that her? >> no, will be winter weather advisory, see steadier snow in some areas, the wet snow, big fat snowflakes like you saw in the video from ohio, but no precipitation just yet, check in from the weather watchers, everybody dry so far. but temperatures are cold enough to support snow in some spot, especially up into the lehigh valley where julia deal, this hour, still clear skies, but clouds will be quickly thickening up, from the west, and woe go out to chester county, where one of the areas probably about to see little bit of light precipitation soon, frank,
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32 degrees, most likely be seeing little snow mix withing rain at times. still 32 lynn springer coming in at the freezing mark, under partly cloudy skies, and little colder out toward that chesterfield, ed connor at 28 degrees, so the father east you are, clear skies, hole on little longer ' lawing temperatures to do. most areas today will be above freezing, so mainly road conditions will be wet this morning, into the afternoon. we take you up to berks county right now getting ready for the sunrise, see the cloud deck quickly moving in little sliver of some orange with the clear skies off to the east at freezing into berks county kutztown. you guys will be under the winter weather advisory kick off at 7:00 this morning. potential may be foreign or two, mainly on grassy areas. see the spin in the radar, core of the cold air, core of the storm, over eastern ohio right now. it has got some cold air. it tracks eastward, the front edge of the precipitation now moving in to potentially
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western parts of the viewing area, chester county, part of northwestern berks county, little light rain or snow mixed, reporting stations still reporting some rain, even out tort york county at this hour temperatures today struggle to get to the 40's the storm crosses our region. not going to be precipitating all day long day long. you will get breaks from time to time. highs struggle reaching the mid zero's, when you factor in the wind it, will feel like the teens during the morning. we will return to miler air monday. the warmfront pushes through, however comes at little price, with few april showers, that's not good timing for opening day. but for today, between now and about 9:00 again, those areas of snow and rain develop from west to east. between 9:00 to 3:00 the steadiest precipitation being and could be some brief bursts of heavier snow reducing visibility, again, any accumulation mainly on the grassy areas. between 3:00 to 6:00 start to
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see the snow and rain taper off from the northwest to southeast, improving conditions tonight. windy, cold. 10:00 this morning, this model does pick up on some steadier snow, developing from the city on north and west, even into part of northern delaware, so, new castle county, kent county, you guys is it have shot to see little snow today. that extends into the afternoon as well. off and on rain and snow showers, and then by 8:00, 9:00 most of the precipitation does come to an end, as that storm moves off shore, clear the skies out tonight and return to some sunshine. a coating to inch around philadelphia, northern delaware, delaware county up toward trenton, possible, on the grass, maybe one to three untoward lehigh valley and poconos, all about elevations with the storm. core of the cold air over us today, tomorrow, and it moves out monday as the jet stream finally moves to the north get more of pacific air mass, means milder air moving in next week. nothing too warm. talking about temperatures 50's, getting back to average it, will take some time.
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but it will happen next week. today, rain and snow, chilly, 43 degrees, for the high temperature, tonight, 26 for the low, does get coal. any standing water could freeze in some areas. winds could gust to 40 miles per hour, you got tickets to monday home opener 3:00 start. may have to dodge few rain showers, should not be wash out, mild though at 60 degrees. here is the extended forecast, so 40's this weekend, typical for mid february. up to 60 monday, keep it in the mid and upper 50's for tuesday, wednesday, back to the mid 60s by the end every next weekment something to look forward to, rahel. >> i can deal with that. i guess. >> thanks, justin. on the cbs-3 health watch, new use for botox, and it is not about looking younger, this one is for feeling better. health reporter stephanie stahl tells us about the new research. >> doctor michelle jogs every day, but splintering pain around her knee nearly side lined her passion for the
6:21 am
pavement. >> a stabbing pain in my knee. i just couldn't run it through. >> generally patients -- >> diagnosissed when lpos, common injury impacting the muscles around the knee and thigh, one in eight runners have it. >> for many of those patients it would have just been physio therapy, more physio therapy, even more physiotherapy. and the surgical options were extremely limited. >> physical therapy is called -- in london tested botox to treat knee pain. botox often used to relieve wrinkles. easer chest says it relaxes injured muscles as oath aid dollars with lpos. one of 45 patient in the british stud toy receive a bow tox shot in the front hip muscle. which runners tend to over use. >> three month after, relatively pain free, and matter of fact, since then no pain. >> researchers found just single small injection along with continued physical therapy, had a 69% success
6:22 am
rate. has remained pain free since her injection two years ago. >> botox to treat knee pain still being researched. doctors say it will probably only work for issues related to muscles, and while not specifically approved by the fda it, can be used off label. now, for joint pain caused by osteoarthritis, where cartilage is damaged there are different kinds of injections that can be helpful. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". still ahead, melissa mccarthy back on the big screen. she doesn't just act in this new movie. how she really is the boss of this project when we come right back.
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>> mccarthy back on the screen with her newcomb can i the boss. team one her real life husband for the laughs. suzanne marquez takes a look. >> come down. >> melissa mccarthy calls the shots in her latest comedy, the boss. >> who here want to hear about an unbelievably exciting opportunity? >> mccarthy plays michelle darnell, a brash big talking tycoon, who was arrested for inside err trading. she gets back on her feet, with the help of her assistant, played by kristin bell. >> there is so much heart to it, but there is also so many absurd moments, that just make you laugh. >> together the women launch a for profit organization. >> mccarthy say the flaws make the role interesting. >> you get to show how does that person change. because i think for any of us, the hard he thing to do is change. >> mccarthy and her husband,
6:26 am
ben, wrote it with a third partner, also directed and dished on what mccarthy really like. >> in life she almost never swears. in bed, early, up at first light. she wouldn't like crack jokes at a funeral i don't think. >> falcone also revealed mccarthy can be violent on camera. >> all of your accounts have been frozen. >> while the impact was a computer effect, the impulse was genuine. >> i think it will help you. i think you just want to wack me with a tennis baum. she said i don't know. >> the boss has all of the physical comedy movie-goers have come to expect from mccarthy. suzanne marquez, cbs news, los angeles. >> a fatal crash along kelly drive, overnight. a car loses control, and lands in the schuylkill. coming up next, the live report on how rescue crews try to save the driver. and, also, ahead, tracking snow on storm scan3, justin is back with the latest on the timing and what your area will
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get. we'll be back in a moment.
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6:30 am
>> i i haven't done it all winter (start now? i think i did wear one during the big snowstorm in january. >> i remember. >> yes, at least we don't have the wind, so it is chilly, but no harsh windchills this morning. that's going to change, though, over the next 24 hours, big difference tomorrow morning, but we are tracking little bit of snow today. just remind their april can be little cool to us. and there you go on radar, again, looks like from the sit on southward, initially, probably seeing some light rain developing, but areas north of the city up toward the lehigh valley, see wet snow, mix in at times with some rain, good news with the storm, is the time willing. it is coming during the day. soy, early april the sun is strong. so even with the clouds around, that will quickly melt any snow. so mainly, if we see any accumulation, it will be mainly on the grassy areas. winter weather advisory does go in effect however at 7:00. for areas north of the city up through the poconos, best shot to see light accumulation on in those counties. thirty-eight right now at the airport, it is 29, though, allentown, do see some of the suburbs are at or below freezing. so, that could be initially an
6:31 am
issue or a problem where we could see that accumulating snow. early in the day. periods every rain, snow, will continue to develop this morning, from west to east, the heaviest precipitation between 9:00 and 3:00, there could be some reduced visibility at times out on the roadways, mainly wet roads. possibly some slick spots, maybe some of the side streets, parking lots, very early in the morning. but, it is cold throughout the entire weekend. big core of cold air from canada. sitting on top of us. it will be feeling like february $10. -- today and tomorrowment talking windchills again in the teens, i'll let you know when we finally warm up, talk about more lane chances in the in the for in few more minutes. back to you. >> check in with you then, thank you. >> philadelphia police have found the body of the driver whose car crashed into the schuylkill river this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh live on kelly drive, has been following this all morning, anita what can you tell us? >> reporter: rahel, group of about four divers pulled the body of 26 year old asian man out of the schuylkill river just before 4:00 this morning,
6:32 am
he was driving 2012 volkswagon which crashed into the barrier here. you can still see debris from that car which was taken away by wreckers not too long ago, we saw that it had major damage, especially, to the front, the win shield and the side. now this all happened around 2:30 this morning. police say that is when a witness called 911, after seeing that car speeding down ferry road. that witness reported that the driver lost control, and police believe that he may have been trying to beat a red light here at ferry road and kelly drive. they also tell me that there were no skidmarks that they found here on the road, and that the driver suffered severe injuries, and it took more than an hour for drivers to rescue him from inside the caribous he was pinned behind the wheel. this was a pretty big rescue effort. we saw about 40 firefighters and police officers here on the scene, all morning. since cleared. philadelphia police says the
6:33 am
water here about of feet deep. and the cold weather actually complicated the rescue. >> the damage is previous, not from this accident. what we believe is that there is two polls over there, if you can see, we believe the car may have come in contact with one of the two polls before it went airborne, and clipped that sign that has the fish on it right there, maybe did some damage to that sign. >> so this area was block off for several hours, this morning, it has since reopened. police have left the scene, and drivers are moving now along kelly drive. police have not identified that victim because they're still notifying family members, and they also say it is still not clear whether or not drugs or alcohol played a role in this crash. but, they will be doing a toxicology test on that driver to make sure that drugs or alcohol were not a factor. that's the latest here on schuylkill river, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", rahel?
6:34 am
>> thank you for the update. more details are emerging about the government's hush money case, against former house speaker, dennis. according to a court filing, prosecutors allege that he agreed pay three and a half million dollars to a person of youth when the victim was a 14 year old on a wrestling team he coached. the filing recommends that who is now 74 should go to prison for up to six month. in october he pleaded guilty to violating banking laws, his sentencing scheduled for april 27th. and voters in wyoming head to the polls today for that state's democratic caucus. meantime, the steaks are high for the presidential candidates in new york, for their hitting the streets, courting voters, marlie hall on the campaign trail ahead of the crucial april 19th primary >> western i sanders supporters were feeling the burn today, in brooklyn. hours earlier the democratic presidential candidate tried to pivot away from the party's infight withing hillary
6:35 am
clinton over their qualifications. >> i respect hillary clinton, colleagues in the senate, and on her worse day she will be -- she would be an inch fin atly the president of either of the republican candidates. >> hello buffer will he. >> clinton campaigned in up-state new york trying to lockdown the state's 247 delegates ahead of the crucial april 19th primary. sanders spent part of the afternoon campaigning here in the brooklyn neighborhood where he grew up. >> i have no regrets about standing for the people of new york. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate ted cruz says his campaign raised more than $12 million in march. former rival, and south carolina senator, linsey gram, told cbs news cruz is his party's best chance of winning the white house. >> if you really care about the future of conservatism and the republican party, do not let donald trump car a banner. vote for at the time cruz. >> reporter: despite cruz's surge the latest pole shows frontrunner donald trump with a double digit lead over the
6:36 am
texas senator in new york. marlie hall for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> philadelphia mayor, jim kenney, made it official. declaring april 8th as villanova wildcats championship day. a parade through center city honors the team following their dramatic win in the ncaa tournament. sport director don bell was therefore all of the excitement. >> alumni, proudly puffing out their chest, kids skimming along, student waiving the v, and worker bees peering out of office building windows. a dynamic scene in center city philadelphia, where an estimated 60,000 greeted the 2016 national champs. >> thousands lined the streets in center city philadelphia, cheering on the national champions, the villanova wildcats. the players got a rock star welcome and they loved every second of it. >> this is great. you know, novanation, you know, best dance in the contrive ' seen them all out
6:37 am
here celebrating out. very humbling for us. >> nova's tournament was nothing short of amazing, the parade just the icing on the cake. the team saying the crowd and the celebration were bigger, and better, than anything they could over imagine. >> i'm going to want to live this one up as much as i can, you know, this is special. so i'm going to celebrate. >> this i'm going to enjoy. >> we were actually supposed to get out of the buses at one point and go out in the crowd. the mr. is say it is just too big, it is uncontrollable. then turning the corner here, when we saw this here at city hall we were shocked. >> all of this possible, because of this winning shot. >> jenkins for the championship. >> he hit that shot, you throw the three's up. tell me what that moment was for you. >> it was -- it was a dream come true. i was in shock i made the shot. you know, before i could come back down to earth, i got mauled by my teammates, so that was pretty cool.
6:38 am
>> oh, i also asked big smooth about him possibly turning pro and kris said he and hits family weighing his options. i'm don bell, eyewitness sports. and a lot of options he has. i found for some in the crowd, wasn't their first parade honoring the villanova wildcats as national champions >> it is a season most wildcats fans won't soon forget. the philadelphia parade, particularly a special day for blue bell neighbor, denise smith. >> it was one of the greatest childhood memories that i have. >> you see, denise was at the 1985 parade for the villanova men's basketball team when they won the ncaa championship. she was in eighth grade. this time around, she is sharing the experience with her children. nine year old add i, and 11 year old luke, and family friend, ian. >> i watched the game. and the next day my mom let me skip school. and come down to villanova parade. so i figure i would honor the
6:39 am
tradition. >> and honor the tradition she did. even letting the kids skip school for a day, the kids say they deserve it. they've been waiting to see the team in person, well, ever since chris jenkins shot that three pointer winning the game. >> i was just on my feet, like screaming. it was crazy. the shot by jenkins, i thought that was really insane. >> it was a moment for the history books. it is an experience now that trans sends basketball, goes further than, where it will be passed onto future denegation cents a day where memories were made. >> and if you missed the big event or just opportunity see it again, we have you covered. encore broadcast of the parade airs today at 2:00 on the "cw philly". >> well, couldn't give up your starbucks? still ahead on "eyewitness news", three on your side jim donovan has some tricks for saving money every time you order. >> also ahead: mastering the
6:40 am
game. vittoria woodill shows you how children in our area are getting lessons not only in golf but in the game of life. >> and snow today and some cold wet they are weekend. when will we finally warm up? and there are chan cents for rain. justin with the latest when we come right back.
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>> fink tuesday, april 12th, tar bucks rewards based on how much you spend, rather than how many times. "3 on your side" jim donovan, takes a look at ways to save when visiting starbucks. >> if you make a daily trip to starbucks, you know it can really put a grand dent in your alert. >> if someone goes to starbucks every day for a year and only get the small size, that's $700 that they've sung into their coffee lab. >> i personal finance editor, rebecca, says regardless of the recent changes to the starbucks rewards program, you should still sign up. >> you get free birthday treat. you get free in store refills on coffee or tea. >> bill up certain number of points or stars in starbucks case, and you can cash them in for free drinks and food. >> also double star days where you get obviously double stars on your purchases. and then there are just number
6:44 am
of different thing they sends you throughout the year for half price breakfast sandwiches or buy one get one drinks, just many different promotions throughout the year. >> want to trim your spending, order a short size. >> so the short size that they don't ties, is actually 8 ounces, whereas the tall is 12 ounces. and, you know, when we calculated the price differences we found downgrading from the tall to the short will save you $90 a year if you go every single day. >> another way to save? >> so we recommend checking outsides like card school. com. people will cash in this card that they don't want to use and then you can buy them at a discount which is great because that's basically like getting free coffee. >> when all else fails, consider a side gig, as a barista, as employees are end tight told 30% off drinks food and merchandise. i've posted more information from rebecca on "3 on your side", i'm jim donovan. >> got to have little side
6:45 am
help. little a lot coming up on cbs this morning, saturday, anthony mason and vanita meyer join us live with a pro view, good morning, guys. >> rahel, good morning, coming up the battle over encryption, just exploded, and an app used by more than billion people announces it inch corrupting text, videos, even phonecalls. we'll look into it. >> also in this age every multi media, shooting cell phone video the best way to apply for college? university thinks so. so much so they're scrapping the essay as well as the sat's. >> and modern day noah's arc. meet the photographer who is trying to document the world's wildlife species before they disappear forever. >> all of that plus your eye opener, the dish, music interest charles bradley in our saturday session, just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. >> all right, anthony and van eat, a thank you. i don't know about you guys but i can't keep one technology these days, too much. >> moving so fast. >> oh, yes. >> thank you, look forward to it. well, don't look down.
6:46 am
thrilling new exhibit opens at the adventure aquarium in camden. check out this, shark bridge. >> it spans 81 feet across the exhibit, guest cz join across the v-shaped suspension bridge for a one after kinds experience directly over the tank. now the view is typically reserved for biologists at the aquarium, but now you can get a behind the scenes look. >> throughout the aquarium, see them from the side, underneath, now from the top, really neat elementment. >> really cool experience. >> to be next to something much bigger than you. >> the 550,000-gallon tank home to nearly three dozen sand bank sand tiger and nurse sharks. very neat. >> well, speaking of sharks, check out the close encounter one paddle border captured on his go pro camera. the shark knocked him into the water, you would not believe
6:47 am
it had he not had video of. >> this fortunately we can report that maxmo is okay but his video now making him the talk of town in juno beach, florida max-mo said he doesn't want his shark encounter to keep people from learning to paddle board or surf but always be aware of your surroundings on the water. justin joining us now, surfer himself, not doing that around here any time soon? >> little chill ill around here, but the shark are out there, try not to think about it when you're out in the water. hard to think about snow in early april. little onion snow today, the term used in pennsylvania for late season snowfall, when they plant the spring onions, and looks like we will get some of the snow specially from the city on north and west today, even parts of south jersey, delaware corks see wet snowflakes from the morning into the afternoon. temperatures at or below freezing, in some spots. so, initially, as the front and the precipitation comes in, it could start off as snow. specially to our west and north in the city. it is 34 in willow grove.
6:48 am
barbara lane's house, 31 now lawrenceville, mt. laurel, new jersey, below freezing at 30. twenty-nine in chesterfield. so you get the picture. so it is coal enough to support snow. king of prussia 35 degrees. pete nerve williamstown at 34. at 30 up in allentown, and there could be some light accumulation, but most that far will be on grassy areas. but still, you look out your window, depending where you are, actually seeing little built of sunshine today. this is chesterfield, ed connor had decent sunrise, little bit of the red sky in the morning, sailors warning. and another shot here, from lynn springer in cherry hill, she's got some of that red sky as well. but clouds quickly moving in, approach of our next storm system, so take you to up to the poconos, nice sunrise still clouds will be holding off little longer up in carbon county, jack frost big boulder live look right now. you guys will be under a winter weather advisory kicking off in just about ten minutes or so, p. maybe one to 3 inches up in the poconos, really, an
6:49 am
elevation storm. storm scan3, you can see, the spin in the radar signature, indicating where the storm is real. eastern ohio moving into western pennsylvania, fast moving potent clipper system, not whole lot of moisture with it, but obviously comb enough to support some snow. snow showing up on radar. not all being reported though. not all of this is reaping the ground. so really depend on where you are. so again, north of the city best shot to see some snow around, especially during the morning, and could see some rain starting to develop now. cecil county maryland, new castle county delaware, possible few wet snowflakes breaking out into chester county at this hour. not uncommon to have snow this time of year. we go it the last six years, and look at our latest snows of the season. now, last year, snowed on march 30th. we had tent of an inch. we had trace of snow on april 15th. in 2014, 2011, april 1st it snowed, trace, actually 1947, we had trace of snow in may. so it is possible to snow even in the month of may. so this storm rapidly moves eastward today.
6:50 am
pulls in a lot of coal air. behind the storm it will be a cold night tonight. another freeze warning goes in effect. dry sunday, still feels like february, highs only in the 40's, we will bring back milder air in here on monday. we will deal with some showers. so look out for opening day. may have to dodge few showers, especially in the afternoon and evening. so, the heaviest precipitation starts to move in mid-morning, into early to mid afternoon. again, depend where you are, could have some pockets of some brief heavier snow showers, coming on in, mixed when rain at times. again, this is coming during the day, that sun getting through the clouds early april sun pretty strong, any accumulations mainly on the grass. the potential coating to inch around the city, maybe one to 3 inches on the grassy areas, into the lie high valley and poconos. this storm is out of here by the evening hours, but it gets colds tonight. things could refreeze if you have any standing water. so another freeze warning in effect tonight. look at these windchill values tonight, they start to drop through the 20's, as the win
6:51 am
kicks up. then tomorrow morning, 6:00, windchills in teens, that's what it feels like on exposed skin. actual air temperatures drop into the mid 20's. forty-three for the high today. we struggle to get to that with rain and snow at times. tonight clearing skies, turns windy, cold, low of 26 for the city. colder in the suburbs, wintery gusts to near 40 miles per hour, and then tomorrow, still chilly at 45 degrees, that's typical for mid february. up to 60 on monday. could be shower in the afternoon. better chance of showers early tuesday, then we warm it up to the mid 60s by the end of next week. do you love watching the weather well you can be featured in our newscast by being being -- becoming an eyewitness weather watch, rahel, back to you. >> justin, thank you. it is a tradition unlike any other. >> masters golf tournament on cbs this weekend, local group of kids can't wait to watch. learning how to master the game at a very young age, as our vittoria woodill shows us,
6:52 am
also learning life lessons at the same time. >> golf is in the air. and fdr park in south philly group of kids are kicking off their season as part of the first tee. it is an organization that builds character and leadership through golf and the empowerment of solid coaching. guess what? it is powered by the pros. >> if i support from the lpga, so lucky to have a lot of sport behind us to become a program where these student are becoming the next best golfer. and not just best golfer but the next best person. >> with that casino of wind to their back the first tee allows kid golfers like anica, marisca, vittoria, to learn about golf and life. >> teach us respect, how early golf, also, like, outside of golf. we use golf as the vehicle to teach life skills, leadership skills, core values.
6:53 am
>> as each student moves through the course of core values, coaches and parent can see their little golfers swing get bigger as they grow taller. >> it is probably one. best things about being a coach and working here with the first tee is watching our students, you know, not only grow as in yet taller, but their swing gross. >> there he goes, lining up the put, nice form. tough course. tough course here. your name is tour. so do you have make this look really good. we have a reputation to protect. >> okay. >> got it? >> ya. >> okay, go tori, go get them. >> oh! >> nice. >> wow. you make it look so east. >> i story is walking over the hole getting ready to set up. good form. good forming. she is studying the form, deep breather there. oh, just missed. so close.
6:54 am
i don't think i'm going to get my green jacket today. >> that's some great commentary. the first tee program has been around for 14 years, has more than 1200 student. today is their opening day. for the first time ever, they are offering a full time summer camp in june, july and august, at fdr park. it's $50 for 12 hours of instruction with all equipment included. you can watch the third round of the masters right here on cbs-3 at 3:00. final round coverage begins tomorrow at 2:00. >> and stay with us, when those snowflakes are going to start flying today. we'll be right back.
6:55 am
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katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
6:57 am
>> reminder april is a tough month, specially early in the month, rain, snow, best chance to see the snow higher elevations north and west of the city. precipitation between 9:00 this morning, 3:00 this afternoon, mainly wet roads, coming during the day, sun pretty strong in time of year. temperatures stay above freezing, low 34's at best, chilly, still winnie, cold tomorrow, and actually back to 60s by next friday. something to look forward to. >> always next week end. >> right? >> fortunately. justin, thank you. that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now. we may be signing off on tv, but always on line. cbs this morning saturday is next. have a great weekend.
6:58 am
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new terror arrests made in belgium but did authorities catch the called "man in the hat"? >> plus how the terror attacks in europe will soon affect you. details on the new security searches in the airports in the united states. >> why more and more colleges are accepting students which have short video. a night of rock 'n' roll ends on a sour note. controy


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